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We are an online guide to ‘living the tofu life’.

We focus on healthy, ethical foods, as well as living an active lifestyle and traveling healthily. We believe that you don’t have to sacrifice either your health or your adventurous spirit – they can coexist. Follow us for daily health and food tips and tricks.

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A Travel/Health Tip

One of the best tips for staying healthy while you’re traveling is to up your water intake while you’re flying, particularly if you’re on a long flight. Traveling can dehydrate you and zap your energy, but drinking lots of water can mitigate this. It’s also important to avoid drinking too much alcohol while you’re flying, because the combination of alcohol and altitude is a strong one, and you might find yourself feeling sick.


How to Make A Healthy Lunch For Your Trip

Packing your lunch while you’re traveling will not only save you money, but it will help you eat healthier as well. To pack a healthy lunch for your trip, start by cutting up some of your favorite fruits or vegetables to eat as a side dish. Then, you can prep an easy tofu scramble with rice and whatever other add-ins you like for the main dish. A small piece of dark chocolate is a healthy dessert option and a nice way to finish off the meal. Put everything in a portable lunch box and you’re ready to go.

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Jana Smith

Jana is a health enthusiast and travel junkie originally from Michigan. She has studied both journalism and nutrition and is particularly interested in sharing new developments in the world of health and wellness. In her free time, Jana loves to bike and spend time with her dog.


Scott Hurst 

Scott is a travel lover and vegetarian from San Jose, California. He has traveled to over 50 countries throughout his life, and loves sharing his experiences traveling vegetarian. He’s also very interested in rock climbing and frequently goes on rock climbing expeditions.


Rachel Powell

Rachel is a professional yoga instructor, passionate vegan, and lover of all things health and wellness. She has been a writer on health and fitness topics for many years. She is originally from Ontario, Canada.

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