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1999 LA Tofu Festival

Description of Event


The Little Tokyo Service Center (LTSC) , the largest Japanese American social service agency in Los Angeles has been providing a wide range of assistance to the community for the past 19 years.  LTSC provides a comprehensive range of services including mental health counseling, transportation, low-income housing, homeless prevention, information referral and crisis hotlines.


LTSC, for the fourth year is producing a unique festival, the LA Tofu Festival, featuring the culinary and health benefits of tofu.  Last year, approximately 20,000 people participated in the Third Annual LA Tofu Festival.  The two-day festival, produced as a fundraising event by the LTSC, will once again feature an array of international tofu dishes from the traditional to the exotic.  A culinary adventure transports you to various countries around the globe as you experience this healthy taste treat. 

Health information will be available for the participants, including nutrition counseling, and various medical screening services such as blood pressure, cholesterol and fat calibration screenings. 

Entertainment will feature a broad range of musical talent from children's performers to the popular sounds of the Japanese Taiko drums. 


The 1999 LA Tofu Festival will be held during the 1999 Nisei Week Japanese Festival.  The dates are Saturday and Sunday, August 14th and 15th, the opening weekend of Nisei Week.  The Tofu Festival will begin at 11:00 AM and continue to 6:00 PM on Saturday, and 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM on Sunday.


Little Tokyo, at "Joe's Auto Lot" parking lot on San Pedro Street, between 2nd and 3rd Streets.  Food booths will be set up, along with eating areas, information tables, etc. 


The Tofu Festival Committee will coordinate the event, secure the funds to underwrite the event, set the location and date, develop the participant roster, publicize the event broadly through the media and other communication channels, and assume overall responsibility for the event.  House Foods America Corporation has agreed to be the Title Sponsor and primary underwriter of the event. 

You are invited to submit tofu dishes, which will be prominently publicized.  Guests will purchase scrips to be exchanged to sample various tofu dishes, and will also receive promotional items to take home for free.

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Marketing Strategy

Publicity will target both the Asian and non-Asian market via the mass media (radio and television spots, print media such as the LA Times) as well as to current consumers of tofu at health foods and market newsletters.  Ethnic media will also be utilized in the Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Latino, etc. media outlets.  A professional P.R. firm has been engaged. 

The Tofu Festival will also be promoted in conjunction with existing sponsor media advertisements.  There will be pre-event and post-event media relations, and the event will secure placement in community calendars.  Point of purchase promotions can also be utilized, such as event and item/restaurant coupons. 

Restaurants, sponsors, and participants are encouraged to distribute promotional items/dishes on the event day.  This marketing strategy will provide a creative opportunity to promote the Tofu Festival, and tie it back to the supporters of the event.

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How will Food Providers Benefit?

The Tofu Festival is a "win-win" situation for all concerned:  The Little Tokyo Service Center receives the proceeds to help support their essential community service programs, the tofu-related companies, other sponsors, and food providers will be able to promote their healthy foods and new products, and paying guests will be treated to a good time, healthy food, and new taste-experiences.  Most importantly, guests will become more health conscious as a result of the Tofu Festival, and will learn new healthier recipes.

More specifically, restaurants will have the opportunity to market their specialty dishes and will benefit over 20,000 people, having exposure to their restaurant and food.  These individuals will in turn inform others of the dishes and restaurants they enjoyed at the festival, multiplying the number of people learning about the various restaurants.  In this manner, the Tofu Festival will be a inexpensive way for restaurants to advertise themselves, while simultaneously supporting the LTSC, and the communities which they serve.

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