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Tofu Facts

Q What is tofu?

A Tofu is made by pulverizing soy beans, boiling the mash, filtering it, then adding calcium or sea salt to coagulate the curds.  A staple in Asia for 2,000 years, tofu is known for its extraordinary nutritional benefits, as well as its versatility.

Q Why is tofu such a boom to today's health-conscious Americans?

A Tofu is made with soy:  one of nature's miracles.  Soy is the only legume with complete protein, containing all eight essential amino acids.  An eight-ounce serving of tofu can provide an adult male with about 27 percent of his daily protein requirement.  Tofu contains no cholesterol and very little sodium, but has as much calcium as milk, and has, serving for serving, less than half the fat of most other protein sources.  Tofu is also an important source of vitamins and minerals.

Q Is tofu low in calories?

A In equal servings, tofu has 25-50 percent less calories than beef, and 40 percent less calories than eggs.  A four-ounce serving of extra firm tofu has less than 120 calories, compared to 455 calories for the same portion of cheddar cheese.

Health Benefits

Soybeans are:

High Quality Proteins

Low in Saturated Fat



Eating at least 1 serving
of soyfoods a day has
been linked to reduce
the risk of:


 Heart Disease


 Kidney Disease

Soybeans contain

Consumption of soy
protein lowers blood
cholesterol levels.

Soybeans may help to
promote bone health.

Soybeans may reduce
adverse symptoms
of menopause.

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