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Welcome to the LA Tofu Festival web site, August 12th - 13th, 2006, in Downtown LA!

Tofu Festival Frequently Asked Questions

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Tofu Festival Frequently Asked Questions

Food and Drink

I don’t know if I like tofu, what else is there to eat at the festival?

There is always MORE than TOFU at the Festival. Try our selections from all over Asia and beyond! See Food Vendors

I’m not a vegetarian, what is there for me to eat at the festival?

Many of our food vendors feature great chicken, beef, pork, fish and shellfish dishes. Every year there is a treasure of new recipes for you to discover. See Food Vendors

Is there non-Asian Food?

In addition to our featured Asian menu items, we also serve Asian Fusion and non-Asian items. Prior vendors offered gumbo, barbecue, chili, tacos, fancy desserts, and more! See Food Vendors

Will there be beer?

Yes. See Beer Wine and Sake Garden

I have diabetes/heart disease/ etc. Is there food for me?

Yes, the Tofu Festival prides itself on healthy living options. See Food Vendors

Is food included in the admission price?

No, food is not included in the admission price. However, there will be booths offering samples for free. To purchase food you must FIRST buy SCRIP. Scrip is $1.00 per ticket. The average dish is approximately 2 Scrip tickets, with dishes ranging from 1-4 scrip tickets. Food and beverage vendors do not accept cash. See Ticket Pricing.

Is this a vegetarian/meat free event?

No and Yes! No, there is plenty of chicken, beef, pork, fish, and shellfish for hungry eaters. And yes, there are plenty of vegetarian dishes as well. There are many options for everyone. See Food Vendors


What does the Tofu Festival cost?

See Ticket Pricing for special offers

General Admission $8
Seniors (60+) $5
Children (5-12) $5
Children (< 5) Free
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What does the food cost?

Food and Beverage Vendors do not accept cash. To purchase food, you must first buy SCRIP tickets at SCRIP TICKET BOOTHS on the Festival grounds.

Scrip Tickets are $1.00 each

The average dish is approximately 2 Scrip tickets or $2.00, with dishes ranging from 1-4 scrip tickets or $1.00 to $4.00. Beverages range from 1-5 Scrip tickets or $1.00 - $5.00.

Entertainment / Activities / Programs

What else is there to do at Tofu Festival besides eat?

There are two stages with live entertainment all day and night. Daytime you can enjoy Taiko Drum performances, cultural dances, a tofu-eating contest, celebrity chef cooking demonstrations, Japanese Initial D anime marathon, colorful Marketplace shopping, special exhibits, a raffle or visit the Health, Fitness and Community information booths. See Program

How do I sign up for the Tofu Eating Contest?

See Tofu Eating Contest Rules.

Is the event suitable for small children?

Children of all ages are welcome. The festival grounds are stroller friendly.

For a Hassle Free Festival Experience

Last year I couldn’t find a parking space! What are you doing about parking?

Good news! This year there will be additional parking lots. See PARKING INFORMATION.

Is smoking permitted?


Can I bring my dog?

Sorry, no dogs allowed.

What if I want to leave the Festival and come back later the same day? What about coming back the next day?

Yes for SAME day returns. Make sure you get your hand stamped at the gate for same day returns. No exceptions.

Second day visits require a second admission ticket.

Can I bring my own chair to the Saturday night concert?

Sorry, other than wheel chairs, portable chairs are not allowed on the festival grounds for safety reasons.

Can I bring my own food and beverages to the Festival?

No, outside food and beverages are not permitted. Visitors with ice chests, coolers, lunch boxes, coffee cups, etc. will not be admitted to the Festival.

Can I bring a cooler?

Visitors with ice chests, coolers, lunch boxes, coffee cups, etc. will not be admitted to the Festival.

How should I dress my family?

Summer in Los Angeles can be very hot. Dress in layers. Wear hats and sunglasses. Sun block is recommended.

Are there ATM machines on the Festival grounds?

No, but there are several banks with ATM machines steps from the Festival.

Are there payphones on the Festival Grounds?

No, but you’ll find them nearby. Don’t forget to get your hand stamped before you leave!

Are strollers allowed?


Where is lost and found?

Contact the Volunteer Booth located inside the festival grounds near the entrance to the Food Pavilion.

Disabled and First Aid Information

What handicap facilities are available?

You will find handicap friendly restrooms on the festival grounds. Look for the designated handicap seating area at the Saturday night concert. As there is no designated handicap auto offloading area, plan your arrivals and departures accordingly.

What if I have a medical emergency?

During the festival, EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians) are on site. There is an ambulance standing by at all times.

Tofu Tourism

I’m traveling to see the Festival from out of state/town. What accommodations are nearby?

Little Tokyo boasts two hotels within short walking distance to the Festival. Select from the New Otani (213. 629.1200) or the Miyako Inn (213.617.2000),

Directions / Parking

Where is Little Tokyo?

Little Tokyo is in Downtown Los Angeles near City Hall. See our Directions / Parking

Tell Me More About

Who hosts the Tofu Festival?

The LA Tofu Festival is a fundraiser for the Little Tokyo Service Center, a non-profit community-based organization, which has been providing services to low income, immigrant, homeless and distressed seniors and families for over 25 years. About Little Tokyo Service Center

Why do you charge?

Proceeds go to Little Tokyo Service Center. Check out our website. The festival was created to replace traditional fundraising dinners. LTSC wants a fun, fundraising activity that the entire family can enjoy. Inviting visitors to sample excellent Pan Asian food, experience daylong, live entertainment and indulge in a Saturday night open-air concert makes the festival an affordable treat for Angelenos.

Can I purchase Tofu Festival merchandise (t-shirts, cookbooks, hats) at the festival?

Yes, visit the Festival Store to find our collectors’ item Tofu T-shirts, hats, cookbooks and new surprises each year. See Festival Store

How much does the food costs?

Once you buy SCRIP at $1.00 per ticket, you can select a variety of dishes that cost between 1-4 SCRIP ($1.00 - $4.00) each. Food vendors do not accept cash.

How do I apply to be a Vendor / Sponsor / Volunteer / Entertainer / Chef/ Exhibitor?

Go to our Contact Us page

How can I get on a mailing list so I always know when the Festival is happening?

Sign up for our mailing list here. Contact Us

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