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The 12th LA Tofu Festival Returns August 18-19

Los Angeles, CA – The 12th Annual LA Tofu Festival makes its return to Downtown Los Angeles Little Tokyo on August 18 and 19. This year’s theme is “Where Tofu Meets its Perfect Match,” reflecting tofu’s versatility to match with other foods to create an adventurous assortment of dishes. These delicious and imaginative soy, as well as non-soy, organic and specialty foods will be served by LA’s top restaurants and food participants. Nearly 25,000 people, ranging from children, to seniors, are expected to partake in this annual outdoor community event. Along with great food, the festival also includes the Marketplace, Health and Fitness Lane, Beer Garden, and the ever-popular Tofu Eating contest.

Sponsored by House Foods America Corporation, and part of the 67th Nisei Week Celebration, the 2007 LA Tofu Festival will take place on Saturday, August 18, from 12pm to 8pm and Sunday, August 19, from 12pm to 6pm. Entrances to the festival will be on 2nd and S. San Pedro Streets in Downtown Los Angeles, Little Tokyo. General admission is $5, and is free to seniors over 60 years of age and children 12 and under. For more information on the LA Tofu Festival visit www.tofufestival.com.

All proceeds benefit the Little Tokyo Service Center (LTSC), a social service and community economic development agency that has been providing a wide range of services for over 27 years. Programs include affordable housing, mental health counseling, transportation & translation, information referral, childcare, crisis hotlines, family literacy, cultural preservation and much more. To find out more about LTSC go to http://www.LTSC.org.

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Where Tofu Meets Its Match

This year’s theme is, “Where Tofu Meets Its Match”. A play on words, characterizing the numerous ingredients and flavors that make Tofu such a versatile, healthy, dish either alone or when you match it with the perfect ingredient. The idea is to invite people to come to our festival and find their own perfect match.

To prove that tofu is such a versatile food, Tofujii has gone to numerous restaurants in Little Tokyo and tried out the different possibilities for himself. Check out Tofujii's blog read up on what he's been up to.

History of Tofu

Tofu: A 2,000-year old health food miracle

Compiled by William Shurtleff of Soyfoods Center.

In 220 A.D. archeologists find a depiction of the preparation of soymilk and tofu, suggesting that they were being made in northern China during the

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