LA Tofu Festival August 12th - 13th, 2006, Downtown LA

Welcome to the LA Tofu Festival web site, August 12th - 13th, 2006, in Downtown LA!

The Tofu Festival is Wireless!

Wireless and PDA laptop users will get a chance to access Little Tokyo's community wireless network at the 11th Annual Los Angeles Tofu Festival, which will be held in the Little Tokyo community of Downtown Los Angeles. The Little Tokyo Service Center, a nonprofit community development corporation, is developing plans to deploy wireless hotspots and a community website in the historic Little Tokyo district of Los Angeles.

The one-year demonstration project, which will be completed late 2006, is funded by grants from the Community Technology Foundation of California and the California Consumer Protection Foundation. The project is based on a partnership with the Community Redevelopment Agency and the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, which is providing a high-speed fiber optic connection to the network for Internet services.

The project will establish a wireless hotspot along the First Street corridor between Alameda Blvd. and San Pedro St. Users with wi-fi enabled computers or personal digital assistants will be taken to a community web portal upon registering for Internet services. The portal will contain local information about events, points of interest, and social service resources for low-income users.

During the Tofu Festival, which is scheduled Aug 12 to 13, participants who bring their own wirelessly-enabled devices can register for the scavenger hunt at a booth in the festival grounds. The game will take players throughout the Little Tokyo community in order to pick up clues and a chance to win prizes. For more information, please email for more information.

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